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Unlocking Opportunities: How Business Development Fuels Startup Success

Unlocking Opportunities: How Business Development Fuels Startup Success

Startups are exhilarating ventures, characterized by innovation and endless possibilities. However, to navigate the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship and transform a promising idea into a successful business, founders must embrace the art of business development and unlock the boundless opportunities that lie ahead. In this blog, we will explore The Changing Landscape of startups showcasing: […]

Web3: Unlocking the Future of the Internet

Web3: Unlocking the Future of the Internet

The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and interact with the world. Yet, as technology advances, we find ourselves at the brink of another major transformation. In this introductory blog, we’ll explore the fundamentals of Web3, its potential implications, and how it is set to unlock a future where users truly control their […]

What My Clients Says

Saba blends consistent hard work with a humility and down to earth attitude. She is one of the most talented individuals we have had the pleasure of joining our team from Pakistan. I would recommend Saba to any employer for her ability to weave together a community and build strong partnerships. I am confident Saba’s drive and passion can add to any organization.

Daniel Ahmed COO at Fasset

Saba consistently demonstrated diligent work ethics, always going above and beyond to deliver outstanding results. Her attention to detail and commitment to meeting deadlines were remarkable. She was a reliable and dedicated team member who consistently produced high-quality work. What sets Saba apart is her incredible enthusiasm. She approaches every task with energy and positivity, motivating those around her to strive for excellence. Her enthusiasm created a vibrant and enjoyable work environment, making collaboration a pleasure. Saba's joyful personality made her a valuable asset to our team. Her kindness, warmth, and ability to uplift others were truly exceptional. .

Maximilian Marenbach VP Markets & Enterprise at Fasset

"As a CEO of a fast-growing startup, I understand the importance of having a standout pitch deck that captures the attention of investors and judges, for which i turned to Saba Kalsoom’s consultation services, and I couldn't be more impressed with the results. With her expertise in crafting compelling pitch decks, we were able to pitch and win on a global level. She also provided invaluable insights and feedback on our growth and go-to-market strategy, helping us refine our approach and achieve even greater success. Her dedication, creativity, and professionalism can make an invaluable asset to any startup looking to make their mark in the business world. "

Rida Akhlaq CEO of Akountmate

“Saba is that bright personality thats visible from afar. I believe she did an exemplary job at COLABS as I personally observed her going out of her way on multiple occasions, not only to ensure the task is done but that too with maximum derivative value beyond of what was required. Just goes to show how dedicated she is. Would love to have her on my team any day.”

Mustafa Jamal Founder & CEO, Birds Eye View

“People in the startup ecosystem talk about 'unicorn startups' but does anyone ever talk about 'unicorn employees' that help a startup achieve unicorn status? Saba is every definition of a 'unicorn employee' - incredibly smart, competent, takes her deadlines seriously, works with integrity, is mature beyond her years, a true self-starter and above all, a team player. I've told Saba this before and I'm writing this here, mark my words, keep a close eye on this one, she's going to be making waves in the next couple of years as a consultant. Just watch.”

Sonya Rehman Forbes Contributor for 7+ years & Content Lead at Machinelab Ventures LDA

“A startup techie with so much energy while doing her work which she is doing in starup & community building ecosystem. I must say if you want to have your time spend in a meaningful or constructive way having saba along side is the best option to consider. She is a dedicated resource having positive energy and has a ready to go attitude towards her work. She is open to discuss ideas, having core skills to make them ready to execute.I wish her all the best for her future endeavours I must say she is inspiration of many in this young age.”

Fahad Ashiq Software Engr. at Calrom

“Saba is an amazing human being and an excellent resource. She has amazing business acumen, especially in the area of emerging technology. I have been working with her in multiple charities and projects led by her, she not only made every project a success but left her viewers in awe with her humble attitude, dedication, and grit. She is not only a good leader but in fact, a trailblazer for many individuals like her who want to be empowered and empower others. She will prove to be a magnificent resource throughout her career, where she goes.”

Maaham Banu Project Manager at Cloudelligent

A top performer and all rounder in entrepreneurship, fintech, venture building, brand and marketing. Saba led a number of partnerships for Fasset and executed them with professionalism and dynamism. Highly recommend for any startup or enterprise looking for someone to get things done!

Shahbaz Mirza Chief of Staff at Fasset

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